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Staffing Chart

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Business Continuity Toolkit for Affordable Housing Organizations

Staffing Chart

This Staffing Chart shows the recommended Disaster Response Roles to be filled by staff in your organization. The Staffing Chart is based on a chain of command led by the Incident Commander.

Incident Commander

The Incident Commander directs organizational resources to emergency preparedness, response and recovery actions, overriding normal operating procedures and protocols. Learn More

Command Level Administrator

A Command Level Administrator can be appointed to assist the Incident Commander and Section Chiefs in follow-up of assigned tasks. Learn More

External Communications/ Social Media Liason

The External Communications/Social Media Liaison directs the organization’s messaging to media, funders, governmental agencies and other external stakeholders, including using Social Media. Learn More

Logistics Chief

The Logistics Chief makes arrangements to move staff, equipment and supplies to and from sites that need additional resources. Learn More

Business Continuity Chief

The Business Continuity Chief must be aware of the organization’s cash needs and insurance coverage, maintain vital business records and oversee important financial and operational matters. Learn More

Housing Chief

The Housing Chief directs the Building Protection Team Leader and Resident Engagement Team Leader to focus their efforts on disaster preparedness and response and recovery at each of the organization’s properties. Learn More

IT Team Leader

The IT Team Leader takes all actions necessary to ensure continuity of communications and computer systems essential to the organization’s operations. Learn More

Human Resources Team Leader

The Human Resources Team Leader provides information to best deploy staff and volunteers during disaster response and recovery. Learn More

Resident Engagement Team Leader

The Resident Engagement Team Leader takes all actions necessary to communicate with residents of an assigned building to optimize their disaster preparedness. Learn More

Building Protection Team Leader

The Building Protection Team Leader takes all actions necessary to protect infrastructure within an assigned building, including electrical, mechanical, water, steam, gas and elevator systems. Learn More

Once you've filled in your Staffing Chart and assigned Disaster Staffing roles, you're ready to practice responding to an actual disaster.

Next Step: Practice Your Response