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Ready to Respond Speakers Video Series

Resilience Speaker Series Video Library

The Enterprise Community Partners Multifamily Housing Resilience Speaker Series provides training to a variety of multifamily housing owners, operators, staff, developers, stakeholders and allied agencies on disaster preparedness response, planning and resilience. The series is part of Enterprise’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the resilience of the affordable multifamily housing community.

Building Codes for Multi-Family Housing Resilience

Speaker: Thad Pawlowski, Planning Advisor, New York City Mayors Office of Housing Recovery & Operations

This series of videos focuses on limate related building and zoning code in New York City. Our panelist will discuss the City's response to Superstorm Sandy, including newly enacted codes and guidance to help multifamily property owners and developers meet those codes. 

Multi-Family Housing Resilience

Moderator: Mark Ginsberg, Partner, Curtis + Ginsberg Architects, LLC and former co-chair of the Sandy Housing Task Force organized by the AIA New York Chapter.
Panelists: Illya Azaroff, Director, +LAB architects

This session focuses on resilient retrofits of multifamily housing properties, with topics including national and local mitigation and policy trends and the benefits, costs and other barriers of incorporating recommended resiliency measures into multifamily housing. We also present a case study on a property that was retrofitted in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Resilience Speaker Series is part of Enterprise's ongoing efforts to support Hurricane Sandy recovery and rebuilding, while strengthening the resilience of affordable housing for the most vulnerable residents.

Operations and Maintenance for Disaster Preparedness

Speaker: John Brandstetter: Principal, Brandstetter Group

Superstorm Sandy caused a multi-day loss of power and caused extreme flooding for many buildings across New York City. This session focuses on emergency planning and recovery strategies for operations staff, property managers and building owners. Our speaker, John Brandstetter, provides recommendations on model emergency preparedness strategies that range from best practices in emergency building operations and maintenance, managing insurance claims, dealing with general liability during an emergency and interacting with various governmental agencies.

Insurance 101

How do we ensure that our insurance coverage is sufficient to protect our organizations, buildings and residents' health in the event of a natural disaster and interruption in business activities? Listen to Steve Sachs, executive vice president and director of Real Estate and Hotel Practice and Tod Ossmann, senior risk control consultant at Willis Insurance Group to learn more. 

Mold and Indoor Air Quality

We're joined by the National Center for Healthy Housing and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to talk about how to prepare for flooding events and how to clean-up homes after a storm.

Flooded Boilers

Representatives from the Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing Association (LESMPHA) discuss how they repaired and restored heating and hot water service to hundreds of affected building units throughout the Lower East Side in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In addition to highlighting lessons learned, they also discuss best practices of boiler design, operation and maintenance for multifamily buildings.

Lights Out: Simulating Building Thermal Response to Power Outages

Speakers: Benjamin Shepard, Associate Director, Atelier Ten 
Michael Esposito, Environmental Designer, Atelier Ten

In collaboration with Enterprise, representatives from Atelier Ten present the building envelope resiliency tool to analyze and model the impact of extreme weather on multifamily buildings. 

Envisioning Site Resilience in Campus Style Housing

Speakers: Marc Wouters, Director of Urban Design, Stantec
Deborah Gans, Founder and Principal, Gans studio
Karen Kubey, Executive Director, Institute for Public Architecture

This session focuses on best practice site planning and stormwater management strategies to increase the resilience of campus style housing sites in the event of rain water events and major storms.

Building a Prepared Community through Resident Engagement: Voices from the Field

Speakers: Nancy Ortiz, Vladeck Houses Tenant Association
David Cohen, Shorefront Y
Rev. Terry Troia, Project Hospitality
Carrie Gadsen, Ed Tyree, Theresa Davis, Gowanus Houses Tenant Association

A collaboration with the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD), this panel of resident and community leaders discusses strategies to support and cultivate resident leadership for successful disaster response and recovery.

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

Speakers: Lindsay Goldman, New York Academy of Medicine
Rupal Sanghvi, Health x Design
Donald Manning, Jewish Association Serving the Aging

This session features discussion about how affordable multifamily housing providers that serve seniors can strengthen resident engagement and preparedness for their most vulnerable residents. 

Flood Perimeter Protection

Speakers: William Zoeller, Steven Winter Associates
Gita Nandan, Thread Collective
Zully Rolan and Angel Rodriguez, Fifth Avenue Collective

This session focuses on flood mitigation solutions for multifamily properties in New York City. Panelists discuss strategies for permanent and temporary flood mitigation using green infrastructure solutions such as berms, swales, and green roofs as well as hard infrastructure solutions like flood gates and flood doors as well as temporary solutions