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Orient Your Team Leader

Job Description

The Team Leader is given the title of Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC).  They develop the Disaster Staffing Plan, prepare staff for their disaster response roles and oversee ongoing maintenance.

The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC) has an important job to do!

Responsibilities include:

  • Familiarizing oneself with the materials in the Toolkit.
  • Working with the organization’s leaders to assign Disaster Response Roles.
  • Getting staff involved and supporting them as they customize the Job Action Packets.
  • Coordinating staff trainings through the Tabletop Exercise.
  • Providing regular updates on progress to organizational leadership.
  • Overseeing regular updates to documents after trainings or events.
  • Orienting new staff as they are assigned a Disaster Response Role.
  • Identifying new training and resource needs as new staff are hired and organizational strategies change.
  • Working with the Incident Commander after a disaster to write the After Action Report and revise your Disaster Staffing Plan as needed.