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Human Resources Team Leader

Job Description

The Human Resources Team Leader provides information to best deploy staff and volunteers during disaster response and recovery.

When a disaster strikes, the main functions include:

  • Issuing disaster-related work policies.
  • Providing staff with emergency updates.
  • Instructing staff to document the disaster-related hours they worked and the expenses incurred.
  • Updating staff contact information and confirming staff availability.
  • Coordinating volunteers.

Qualifications may include:

  • Familiarity with payroll and time-keeping process.
  • Ability to interpret work policies.
  • Knowledge about union contracts and working relationships with union officials.
  • Strong organizational and communications skills.

A likely staff member to fill this role may be:

  • Director of Human Resources, an accountant or other staff.

During the planning phase, the Human Resources Team Leader should:

  • Review employee contracts and work policies and update them as needed.
  • Review the Staff Communications Guide and distribute the Staff Contact Sheet to staff.
  • Review the Volunteer Guide and customize the Volunteer Agency Tracking Sheet.
  • Distribute the Disaster Related Hours and Expenses Worksheet, and instruct staff on how to document the information in it.
Human Resources Team Leader Job Action Sheet

The Human Resources Team Leader provides information to support the optimal deployment of staff and volunteers in disaster response and recovery.

Staff Communications Guide

This guide will help you develop a communications strategy for staff members before, during and after a disaster.

Volunteer Guide

This guide will help you prepare to use volunteers to assist your organization in disaster response and recovery. 

Volunteer Sign-In Sheet

Track your volunteers as they support you before, during and after disaster.

Volunteer Agency Tracking Sheet

This sheet will help you maintain contact with volunteer agencies and identify sources for specific volunteer skills needed for disaster response. Fill it out well ahead of a disaster and update it regularly.

Staff Contact Sheet

Track your staffing key contact information.

Disaster Related Hours and Expenses Worksheet

Use this worksheet to document hours worked and expenses incurred during a disaster.